SJ Farrell (essjayeff) wrote in aus_amazingrace,
SJ Farrell

Season 9 - Episode 10

Recap for this week's show (handy if you actually missed it!)

So finally Miss Alli mentions the pants! hooray (give me a break, it's Friday and a girl can be shallow once a week surely?)

Had a horrible moment - ended up actually wanting MoJo to get there before the hippies due to BJs idiocy! rock hopping? sheesh - time and place lad!

I know it's a tight call - but I do actually prefer the hippies to the Mojo. I know - but I do - or at least I did this week.
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I hate MoJo with a passion now. I can't believe their petty arguing when the Hippies yielded them. And cancelling the other's cabs, that was...low. I'm crossing my fingers they'll be eliminated next week.

The Hippies sure have a lot of good luck.
they didn't cancil the others cabs though...its was the Frat boys wasn't it?
cancel even